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Hey! I’m Caitlin Hathaway

Audience & SEO Strategist

Specialising in content SEO and audience growth, I leverage data-driven insights to develop straightforward, impactful tactics for the optimisation of digital content.

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About me

My journey in SEO began in 2019, right after earning my degree in Business Management & Marketing from Nottingham Trent University. Like many in our line of work, I 'fell' into SEO through an unexpected path.

My initial role in software sales, where I sold enterprise SEO software, introduced me to the wonderful world of SEO and its many intricacies. I committed to extensive learning, theoretical, and applying them practically to my own project sites. This led me to become an SEO specialist, with experience spanning across agencies, startups, and publishing businesses.

As an Audience Development Strategist today, I find myself at the intersection of SEO, data analytics, and content publishing. My goal is to create impactful connections between brands and customers by exploring new organic acquisition channels and developing inventive strategies for content distribution."

I am highly enthusiastic about the integration of AI with SEO. Constantly exploring and experimenting, I'm committed to finding novel and efficient ways to approach SEO workflows, and helping SEOs realise the power of automation and advanced language models.

Webinars & Interviews

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