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Search Quality Rater GPT


Designed to provide critical analysis of web-based review content. The GPT was created using the up-to-date Google Search Reviews System Guidelines as well as the Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines as a knowledge base. The GPT conducts a thorough evaluation of your content by the guidelines and scores against the Page Quality Rating spectrum.

Enter your search query which GPT analyses for search intent and content relevancy. Then add URL or pasted content which GPT assesses and scores against search quality rater guidelines, giving you actionable feedback to improve.

Search Quality Rater GPT Guide Video


Coming soon!

Step By Step Guide

First, you'll be asked for your target search query. The GPT can determine the intent of the search query (and ask for your feedback) so it can improve its evaluation of the content according to the official guidelines.


Add the URL or paste content in. GPT will do its magic and evaluate the page's content as if it were a Search Quality Rater.

The coolest part - it'll give you a Page Quality Rating after its evaluation, with actionable recommendations to help you get closer to the 'Highest' PQ rating.

You can then converse with it and ask more specifically about the content and the areas it's discussed, or what it hasn't discussed yet.

Take these with a pinch of salt as it is GPT - but so far it's been super helpful to get more ideas around improving content.

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