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Entity Analyst GPT


Entity Analyst is a GPT I’ve made as an experiment to get GPT to emulate a patent. It’s pre-trained with the "Methods, Systems, and Media for Interpreting Queries” patent from Google.

The GPT helps understand the intent and type of content in a search query by employing a systematic approach to entity interpretation, which involves several key steps, which I’ve listed below.

Entity Analyst GPT Guide Video


Coming soon!

Step By Step Guide

Click the option 'ADD YOUR SEARCH QUERY BELOW!'. You will be prompted to add in your search query.

The GPT breaks down the received search query into individual search terms. For each search term, the system determines whether it corresponds to an entity name.

Once entity names are identified, the system assigns each an entity type (based on the category of content it's associated with) and a hypothetical entity score. The hypothetical entity score may reflect the entity's relevance, popularity, or frequency of access within the domain, aiding in distinguishing between entities with similar names but different contexts or popularity levels.

The system then interprets the matching entity names based on their scores and contextual information within the search query. This step may involve prioritizing certain entities over others, merging overlapping entities, or removing unlikely entities to refine the search terms further.

It will also give you likely related content types and insights surrounding the entity, which you can consider to create your content.

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