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High-Quality Review Analyser GPT


Designed to provide critical analysis of web-based review content. The GPT was created using the up-to-date Google Search Reviews System Guidelines as well as the Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines as a knowledge base. The GPT conducts a thorough evaluation of your content following the Search Quality Rater guidelines.


Provide a URL of the review you wish to evaluate or paste its content directly into the chat interface. For a comparative analysis, you can also submit two different review URLs or their content. Our GPT will then analyze both, offering a comprehensive summary and indicating which review aligns better with the established guidelines.

High-Quality Review GPT Video Guide

Coming soon!

Use Cases

Screenshot 2023-12-15 174324.png


Screenshot 2023-12-15 174548.png





Add a URL, a PDF of a URL or paste your review content into the GPT. Click the first prompt of ‘Analyse a URL’ and then enter your URL or pasted content from a review-type page. GPT will use Web Browsing to access the page to create its detailed evaluation and areas of improvement according to the guidelines. If the URL can't be accessed due to being blocked by robots.txt or server issues etc, either add a PDF or paste the content directly in the chat - you can use CTRL+A on the page and paste the content directly.


The GPT then outputs a detailed evaluation of the review content based on the training of publicly known Google’s Review System guidelines as well as the Search Quality Rater guidelines. 
It summarises the content and then details a list of areas of improvement with actionable feedback to improve the quality of review content. You can then converse with it more in-depth - which is where the real power of the GPT lies. Ask it to elaborate on points you want more clarity on and ask questions. 


Compare two review-type URLs to determine which is higher quality against the guidelines. You can also add two review content URLs or paste their content to get a comparison of both and summarise which one the GPT prefers, based on the guidelines.

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