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EXP Boost 



EXP Boost is engineered to align with Google's latest E-E-A-T guidelines, with a specific focus on the 'Experience' aspect of web content. The GPT ensures that content across various formats showcases real-world, hands-on experience, and evaluates for its authenticity, personal experience narrative, and practical applicability.

Add your search query which the GPT will analyse for search intent. Then provide a URL of the review you wish to evaluate for its Experience or paste its content directly into the chat interface. The GPT will then measure the extent of the experience on the topic, looking at text, images and the author's experience.

EXP Boost GPT Video Guide


Coming  soon!


Step by Step Guide

Click the option START HERE. The GPT will ask for your search query and try to understand its intent. 


I've used 'how to break boards in Karate', as this content would need to be written/reviewed by a martial arts professional.

It'll then ask for a URL so it can analyse the content with your search query in mind. (if URL doesn't work, download a PDF of page through print and upload)

It covers multiple areas in the real of experience, looking at content, images, and authorship. It will evaluate the experience of each.

It then finalises with an Areas of Improvement section suggesting recommendations from its evaluation, and also some other creative ideas to enhance the Experience on the page. 

As always, take all GPT recommendations with a pinch of salt :)

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